Registration for the 2020 EVA AIR HALF MARATION

  1. Through Nov. 11, 2020, any Infinity MileageLands Member who registers for this run will receive extra mileage. All you need to do is to provide your Receipt Number or Fabric Race Number, Membership Number, and date of birth when logging into the activity website. Sign up and log in to receive the free miles. Get 3,000 miles for the half-marathon, 2,000 miles for the 10K, and 1,500 miles for the 3K run.
  2. The Receipt Number (marked in red square) will appear on the registration form after it is successfully submitted online. You can learn more about this number on the “Registration Inquiry” official marathon website.
  3. A member receives the added mileage one time only. Mileage credits for a member who logs in multiple times will be awarded for information provided in the last login.
  4. For detailed terms and conditions, please refer to the 2020 EVA AIR HALF MARATHON.
  5. To ensure mileage is accurately credited to your account, please provide your Receipt Number or Fabric Race Number, Membership Number and date of birth. Make sure all of your information is correct. The system will automatically delete any information that is incorrect or incomplete and you will not receive any notification. The Receipt Number and Membership Number must belong to the same person for the extra mileage to be credited.
*Mandatory Items
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