Subscribing a Journal/Commodity Award

How to Subscribe a Journal/Commodity Award :

  • Members could subscribe a Journal/Commodity Award online.
  • Members or their assignee can fill out the Award Magazine Application Form at any EVA Air ticketing counter (except at airports) during office hours. The member must have sufficient valid miles in their account. Please note that an application with incomplete data will not be accepted.
  • There is a quota on the number of Journals/Commodities.
  • Please click on item name or the photo to know the details of merchandise and restrictions.
  • Forbes Asia is English version, others magazines/papers are in Chinese .If you order ABC/LIVE/CNN/BIZ Interactive English magazines, and it includes 3 past issues and 3 Interactive CD-ROMs. Only if the latest past issues are run out of stock, the publisher has the right to determine which issues to be sent. Members cannot assign any specific issues.
  • All journals/commodities can only be mailed domestically in Taiwan(Electronic magazines/Newspaper excluded )
  • The deducted mileage cannot be converted back once you have completed the application.
  • To retrieve your subscription record, please visit Manage My Account>My Mileage>Mileage Inquiry, choose the “Award Miles” and “Inquiry Period”.
Requirements for Subscribing to Commodities
Item Introduction Contents Requirement Amount Remaining Apply
EDY CARD1 card2000 Miles1244Apply
GREEN & SAFE E-COUPON1PC/NT$200 Per PC2500 Miles1346Apply
Relux Hotel Booking JPY5000 E-Coupon1 Piece10000 Miles299Apply
GREEN & SAFE E-COUPON5PC/NT$200 Per PC12500 Miles282Apply
Farm Table Discount Coupon5PCS/ Per Set2500 Miles598Apply
Easy Card UUPON points (Jul.1 Inventory out of stock-next redemption begins from Aug.1)500 point1500 Miles0Finished
7-ELEVEN OPENPOINT points (Jul.1 Inventory out of stock-next redemption begins from Aug.1)60000 Points2000 Miles0Finished
Breeze Rewards Points5000 Points5000 Miles219Apply
Laithwaites Wine Tasting on 2019.08.02 (FRI)1Party6000 Miles1Apply
Laithwaites Wine Tasting on 2019.09.06 (FRI)1Party6000 Miles14Apply
Requirements for Subscribing to Journals
Item Introduction Contents Requirement Amount Remaining Apply
TRAVELER LUXE - Glamping Glamorous Camping in Taiwan (Physical)1 Issue(One set)2500 Miles223Apply
National Geographic Magazine Chinese Version 1Issue (Featured Back Issue)1Issue(Monthly)2500 Miles161Apply
Searching for Treasure (Chinese Version)1issue(One set)3000 Miles52Apply
COMMONWEALTH SMILE MAGZINE QUARTERLY(practical)1set(One set)7000 Miles168Apply
Common Welth All Access six months(Digital Subscription Service)1time(Half-Yearly)9000 Miles152Apply
Forbes Asia 3 Issues(physical)3 Issues(Monthly)6000 Miles408Apply
Forbes Asia 6 Issues(physical)6Issues(Monthly)11000 Miles184Apply
Forbes Asia one year subscription 13 issues(physical+digital)13Issues(Yearly)20000 Miles222Apply
ABC INTERACTIVE ENGLISH(Physical)3 Issues (Monthly)5000 Miles314Apply
CNN INTERACTIVE ENGLISH(Physical)3 Issues (Monthly)5000 Miles169Apply
BUSINESS INTERACTIVE ENGLISH(Physical)3 Issues (Monthly)5000 Miles142Apply
Global Views-Monthly(Physical)1 Issue(One set)2000 Miles182Apply
Harvard Business Review in March(Physical)1issue(One set)3000 Miles182Apply
Wealth Magazine (Digital) -  2 issues2 Issues(Bi-Weekly)3500 Miles299Apply
Wealth Magazine (Physical) -  2 issues2 Issues(Bi-Weekly)4000 Miles487Apply
COMMON HEALTH (Electronic magazine)3Issues(Monthly)5000 Miles286Apply
COMMON HEALTH (Electronic magazine)6Issues(Monthly)10000 Miles14Apply
COMMON HEALTH magazine6Issues(Monthly)12000 Miles661Apply
Global Views- Sports Office Edition(Physical)1issue(One set)2000 Miles10Apply
Global Views-India(Physical)1issue(One set)2000 Miles8Apply
BUSINESS NEXT MAGAZINE(Physical) -  1 issue1issue(Monthly)1500 Miles286Apply
MANAGER TODAY MAGAZINE(Physical)- 1 issue1issue(Monthly)2000 Miles296Apply
BUSINESS NEXT MAGAZINE(Physical) -  3 issues3issue(Monthly)4500 Miles197Apply
MANAGER TODAY MAGAZINE (Physical)- 3 issues3issue(Monthly)6000 Miles202Apply
GLOBAL VIEWS MAGAZINE(1 issue)(Physical)1issue(Monthly)2000 Miles901Apply
GLOBAL VIEWS MAGAZINE(3 issues)(Physical)3issues(Monthly)6000 Miles193Apply
GLOBAL VIEWS MAGAZINE-6 issues(Physical)6issues(Monthly)12000 Miles144Apply
COMMON WEALTH (Electronic magazine)3issues(Bi-Weekly)5000 Miles401Apply
10 Issues of COMMONWEALTH Magazine(practical)10issues(Bi-Weekly)20000 Miles48Apply
BUSINESS TODAY (Electronic magazine)8Issues(Weekly)8000 Miles76Apply
BUSINESS TODAY magazine(Physical)8Issues(Weekly)8000 Miles281Apply
BUSINESS WEEKLY Magazine 4 Issues (Digital)4Issues(Weekly)4500 Miles581Apply
BUSINESS WEEKLY Magazine 4 Issues (Physical)4Issues (Weekly)4500 Miles37Apply
COMMERCIAL TIMES (Digital)- Quarterly92Issues (Daily)3000 Miles377Apply
COMMERCIAL TIMES (Digital)- Biannual183Issues (Daily)6000 Miles42Apply
COMMERCIAL TIMES (Digital)- Annual365 Issues (Daily)12000 Miles143Apply