Subscribing a Journal/Commodity Award

How to Subscribe a Journal/Commodity Award :

  • Members could subscribe a Journal/Commodity Award online.
  • Members or their assignee can fill out the Award Magazine Application Form at any EVA Air ticketing counter (except at airports) during office hours. The member must have sufficient valid miles in their account. Please note that an application with incomplete data will not be accepted.
  • There is a quota on the number of Journals/Commodities.
  • Please click on item name or the photo to know the details of merchandise and restrictions.
  • Forbes Asia is English version, others magazines/papers are in Chinese .If you order ABC/LIVE/CNN/BIZ Interactive English magazines, and it includes 3 past issues and 3 Interactive CD-ROMs. If you order Discovery Channel Magazine, it includes three latest past issues. Only if the latest past issues are run out of stock, the publisher has the right to determine which issues to be sent. Members cannot assign any specific issues.
  • All journals/commodities can only be mailed domestically in Taiwan(Electronic magazines/Newspaper excluded )
  • The Journal/Commodity list is sorted descending by required mileage. If the required mileages are the same, sort by count of strokes (of the first character of Journal/Commodity's name).
  • The deducted mileage cannot be converted back once you have completed the application.
  • To retrieve your subscription record, please visit “Mileage deduct” in Mileage Inquiry Area.
Requirements for Subscribing to Commodities
Please click on the link of photo to know the merchandise details and restrictions.
Contents Requirement Amount Remaining Service Phone No. Apply
Laithwaites Wine Tasting on 2016.03.11(Fri)1 Party6000 Miles8Apply
Laithwaites Wine Tasting on 2016.03.25(Fri)1 Party6000 Miles14Apply
Laithwaites Wine Tasting on 2016.04.08(Fri)1 Party6000 Miles11Apply
Laithwaites Wine Tasting on 2016.04.22(Fri)1 Party6000 Miles14Apply
TWM 4G Prepaid Card / 3-days package (electronic voucher card)TWM 4G Prepaid Card / 3-days package (electronic voucher card)3-days Unlimited Internet Usage and NT$100 Airtime Bonus3000 Miles1170Apply
TWM 4G Prepaid Card / 5-days package (electronic voucher card)TWM 4G Prepaid Card / 5-days package (electronic voucher card)5-days Unlimited Internet Usage and NT$50 Airtime Bonus3000 Miles1907Apply

Taiwan Mobile 4G Prepaid Card (electronic voucher card) is non-physical card and non-refundable.

Requirements for Subscribing to Journals
Please click on the link of photo to know the merchandise details and restrictions.
Contents Requirement Amount Remaining Service Phone No. Apply
GLOBAL VIEWS MAGAZINE(1 issue)GLOBAL VIEWS MAGAZINE(1 issue)1issue (Monthly)2000 Miles13670800-283-888Apply
COMMERCIAL TIMES (Digital)- QuarterlyCOMMERCIAL TIMES (Digital)- Quarterly92Issues (Daily)3000 Miles54602-6632-0008Apply
ABC INTERACTIVE ENGLISHABC INTERACTIVE ENGLISH3 Issues (Monthly)5000 Miles57702-25787838Apply
CNN INTERACTIVE ENGLISHCNN INTERACTIVE ENGLISH3 Issues (Monthly)5000 Miles56902-25787838Apply
COMMERCIAL TIMES (Digital)- BiannualCOMMERCIAL TIMES (Digital)- Biannual183Issues (Daily)6000 Miles30802-6632-0008Apply
Forbes Asia 3 Issues3 Issues(Monthly)6000 Miles35502-25011999Apply
GLOBAL VIEWS MAGAZINE(3 issues)GLOBAL VIEWS MAGAZINE(3 issues)3issue (Monthly)6000 Miles4300800-283-888Apply
BUSINESS TODAY (Electronic magazine)BUSINESS TODAY (Electronic magazine)8Issues(Weekly)8000 Miles11102-2581-6196 EXT 255Apply
BUSINESS TODAY magazineBUSINESS TODAY magazine8Issues(Weekly)8000 Miles6202-2581-6196 EXT 255Apply
BUSINESS WEEKLY (Digital Magazine)BUSINESS WEEKLY (Digital Magazine)8 Issues (Weekly)8000 Miles18202-25056789 EXT5218Apply
BUSINESS WEEKLY magazineBUSINESS WEEKLY magazine8 Issues (Weekly)8000 Miles59802-25056789 EXT5218Apply
COMMON HEALTH (Electronic magazine)COMMON HEALTH (Electronic magazine)6Issues(Monthly)10000 Miles6602-2662-0332Apply
COMMON WEALTH (Electronic magazine)COMMON WEALTH (Electronic magazine)6Issues(Bi-Weekly)10000 Miles11602-2662-0332Apply
Family lifestyle magazine (Digital)Family lifestyle magazine (Digital)6Issues(Monthly)10000 Miles902-26620332Apply
GOLF magazineGOLF magazine6 Issues (Monthly)10000 Miles13602-25056789 EXT5218Apply
THIRTY MONTHLY magazineTHIRTY MONTHLY magazine6Issues(Monthly)10000 Miles4070800-283-888Apply
Forbes Asia 6 Issues6Issues(Monthly)11000 Miles42902-25011999Apply
COMMERCIAL TIMES (Digital)- AnnualCOMMERCIAL TIMES (Digital)- Annual365 Issues (Daily)12000 Miles38802-6632-0008Apply
COMMON HEALTH magazineCOMMON HEALTH magazine6Issues(Monthly)12000 Miles15902-2662-0332Apply
COMMON WEALTH magazine (6 Issues)COMMON WEALTH magazine (6 Issues)6Issues(Bi-Weekly)12000 Miles35902-2662-0332Apply
Family lifestyle magazineFamily lifestyle magazine6Issues(Monthly)12000 Miles21402-26620332Apply
GLOBAL VIEWS MAGAZINEGLOBAL VIEWS MAGAZINE6Issues(Monthly)12000 Miles740800-283-888Apply
COMMON WEALTH magazine (12 Issues)COMMON WEALTH magazine (12 Issues)12Issues(Bi-Weekly)24000 Miles402-2662-0332Apply