Special Promotion-Mileage Accrual

Book Now and Earn up to 3,900 Additional Miles!

Fly with EVA Air and earn extra mileage! To express our gratitude for your continuous support over 30 years, Infinity MileageLands has an exclusive extra mileage offer just for you. You could earn up to 3,900 extra Award Miles and Status Miles! This offer applies to EVA/UNI Air scheduled international flights with eligible ticket classes (A/G class is included). The miles count toward card tier status renewal and can be redeemed for upgrades and award tickets.Register and book now to enjoy all the benefits of extra mileage.

Promotion details:

  • Eligible flights: scheduled international flights operated by EVA/UNI Air
  • Registration period: 2019/07/19~2019/11/30 (registration before you fly is mandatory)
  • Effective travel dates: 2019/09/01~2019/11/30
  • Eligible Fare Family Types/ticket class and amount of additional Award Miles and Status Miles:
    Class Fare Family Types Ticket Class Additional mileage (Long haul) Additional mileage (Short haul)
    Royal Laurel/Premium Laurel/Business Up C TPM*50% 1,500
    Standard J TPM*45% 1,400
    Basic D TPM*40% 1,300
    Premium Economy Up K TPM*40% 1,300
    Standard L/T TPM*30% 1,200
    Basic P TPM*25% 1,000
    Economy Up Y/B TPM*25% 1,000
    Standard M/H/Q TPM*15% 700
    Basic S/W/V TPM*10% 500
    Discount/Group A/G TPM*5% 200
    *Ticket class A/G can only earn mileage; flight sectors for membership tier upgrade and renewal are not included.
    *Long Haul: Europe/North America/Oceania
    *Short Haul: Hong Kong, Macau/Mainland China/Northeast Asia/Southeast Asia
    *The additional mileage for long-haul flights is based on different Fare Family Types (ticket classes) and calculated according to the percentage of the TPM (Ticketed Point Mileage).

Terms and conditions:

  1. This promotion is valid only for Infinity MileageLands members. Not a member yet? Join us online and you will receive 500 award miles immediately; after you supply additional information, such as your passport number and address, you will earn an extra 500 award miles.
  2. To qualify for this offer, you must register for the promotion before you fly. Flight dates must be within the eligibility period. Flights completed before registration are not eligible to earn extra miles.
  3. Award Miles and Status Miles are included in the extra miles you earn through this promotion. Mileage can be redeemed for rewards and also counts toward membership tier upgrade and renewal.
  4. To ensure proper credit for accumulated mileage, please make your reservation in your name exactly as it appears on your membership card. Please also provide your Infinity MileageLands membership number when making a reservation and issuing a ticket with EVA Air or UNI Air. It may take 3-5 days for Infinity MileageLands miles to be credited to your account.
  5. This promotion is valid only for international flights operated by EVA/UNI Air. Codeshare flights not operated by EVA Air or UNI Air are ineligible to earn extra miles.
  6. Eligible ticket classes for this promotion: C/J/D (Royal Laurel/Premium Laurel/Business), K/L/T/P (Premium Economy) and Y/B/M/H/Q/S/W/V/A/G (Economy).
  7. When a ticket is reissued, the travel date, fare family type, ticket class, route etc. of the newly issued ticket must meet the terms of this promotion to earn extra mileage.
  8. Examples of mileage earned through this promotion:
    1. From Taipei (TPE) to San Francisco (SFO) with ticket class C.
      Standard Award Miles and Status Miles are 11,288 miles. Register for this promotion and you could earn 14,513 miles, including Award Miles and Status Miles. (TPE-SFO actual mileage is 6,450. Ticket class C may earn actual miles x 175% and additional 6,450 x 50%=. 6,450 x 175%=11,288. 6,450 x 50%=3,225. 11,288+3,225=14,513)
    2. From Taipei (TPE) to Shanghai (PVG) with ticket class Y
      Standard Award Miles and Status Miles are 422 miles. Register for this promotion and you could earn 1,422 miles, including Award Miles and Status Miles. (TPE-PVG actual mileage is 422. Ticket class Y may earn actual miles x 100% and additional 1,000 miles. 422 x 100%=422. 422+1,000=1,422)
  9. Standard terms and conditions of the Infinity MileageLands program apply.
  10. EVA Air reserves the right to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the promotion without prior notice.