Print Certificate of Ticket Issuance

The Print Certificate of Ticket function applies only to transactions completed via the EVA Air website. Click here to see a sample.

Required ControlMandatory items

Please enter your booking information
Passenger Name
(Family Name) (Example: CHEN, YUYANG, enter “CHEN” for Family Name)
(Given Name) (Example: CHEN, YUYANG, enter “YUYANG” for Given Name)
  (Please enter the ticket holder's correct English name without any blank spaces or special characters.)
Ticket Number
  • This Certificate is issued as a receipt to online ticket purchasers. It shall NOT be altered in any way whatsoever, including its contents and/or layout. Any attempt to do so may constitute a violation of regulations.
  • Maximum number of applications: Each Certificate contains purchasing details on one passenger only. If your booking reference number is shared among more than one passenger, please fill in all names and ticket numbers separately for printing.
  • Inquiring about your ticket number: To safeguard your personal information, you are required to enter your name and ticket number for the printing of the Certificate. Please contact the ticketing staff at any EVA Air office if you do not know your ticket.